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Thanx for your interest, we  need inform you about price 1,-  ( CZK ) Czech
crown for title - this price isn´t real. We actualize and suplement them ,
because we have many contacts and databases are frequently actualize and we need
confront them, I m sorry for it, we will write you actual price for searched
title then.

 write to us :   rockparadise@rockparadise.cz

Prices are in CZK -  19,- CZK  is 1 USD,  for example 399,- CZK  is 21 USD
Shipping for 2 items is 20 USD, for each item more you need add 1 USD.


Prices are in CZK -  30,- CZK  is 1 GBP,  for example 399,- CZK  is 13 GBP
Shipping for 2 items is 15 GBP, for each item more you need add 1 GBP.

If you would like order some titles, make order, we will inform you about actual price and if is in
stock or available. If you choose some rare title, write to us, too, we could find it.

Best regards,  ROCK PARADISE